This outdoor after work outing

Suit Up For The Summer!

This outdoor after work outing
Beige suit, shirt, belt, socks-H&M, shoes-Zara, watch-Kenneth Cole, pocket square-Merona by Target

“It’s never too hot to look cool in a suit.”


As I make my way around downtown DC during rush hour like any other 9 to 5er, I can’t help but notice the amount of guys who are wearing dark wool suits to work. Are you kidding me?! This is the hottest summer on record and you choose to throw on the same suit you threw on when you getting emails about the company holiday party? How about we opt for more climate appropriate suits that will not only breathe, but make sure you don’t stop.

Light cotton suits are perfect for those days where the mercury doesn’t want to stop rising but you are required to suit up (or just want to). They come in light and dark colors. If the occasion allows lighter colored, less formal suits, then go for a tan/beige or a light gray suit. The color won’t attract as much heat as navy or black, and it’ll also help you stand out from the crowd. The way these suits are constructed gives them versatility so you can pair it with some simple sneakers and a tee and go from less formal to straight up casual.

These suits aren’t difficult to find. Just walk on into any men’s clothier and they can assist you. You can tell it’s a summer suit by its loose woven fabric. You may find some of these jackets come without lining inside most of the jacket, with the shoulders usually the exception.

Suit and shirt-H&M Tie-Tommy Hilfiger, glasses-street vendor

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