Loafer Socks: The Invisible Hero

Though summer is coming to a screeching halt pretty soon, I think it would be helpful to post this for those who are partaking in the last string of cookouts and day trips to the beach…or just walking around town.

When you want to throw on some loafers or boat shoes and do the “no sock” look, remember this very important rule: WEAR SOCKS.  No crew socks (duh), no ankle socks (they show like a pregnant woman’s belly). I’m talking about loafer socks. These socks are virtually invisible. You’ll have the comfort and sweat-catching that you’re used to but without the sock being a part of your outfit. These socks prevent you from throwing mountains of powder in your shoes to prevent sweat and odor build-up.

You can pick these socks up pretty much anywhere socks are sold. They come in basic black, white, and tan. They’re pretty cheap. $6 for two pair is pretty standard. These are from H&M.

Oh and don’t get caught wearing these socks without your shoes on. When you put your first pair on, you’ll know why. Your man card could be revoked by doing such an egregious act.

Pants and blazer-H&M, Tie-Etienne Aigner (thrifted), Pocket Square-Forever21, Shoes- Bostonian, Penny in shoe-working hard for the money
Don’t forget to lotion those feet and ankles!

2 thoughts on “Loafer Socks: The Invisible Hero

  1. Could as well wear no socks if the moc is open and low cut enough, maybe with deodorant and powders. That’s cause I see that women actually have no sock at all with flats or loafers, usually.
    Though I agree that regarding the shoes you featured here, they need socks of some kind. But I prefer ankle socks with these.

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