Let Your Ankles Make A Statement

Our last post was about socks. I might as well follow it up with a post about…..more socks. This time, it’s about making an understated statement with your feet.

Socks are about my favorite article of clothing. They can make the dullest of suits come to life. They’re like a necktie for your lower half. Whether I’m dressed up or down, I like to add a pair of funky socks in the mix to brighten things up a bit.

There are several ways to go about wearing colorful patterned socks. Exhibit A: My socks don’t seem to match my outfit but if you look a little closer at the tie, you see those little deer are in the yellow family. That bold yellow will bring that yellow on the deer out more and take away some of the attention that the red gingham shirt is getting.

Shirt- H&M, Vest- Forever21, Tie- Old Navy, Tie Bar- Alfani by Macy’s, Jeans-Levi’s 514, Socks-H&M

Exhibit B: Just throw on some socks that make you constantly say “Hey! My face is up here, you pig!” These socks can have any color scheme, any pattern, and any length. They are clear attention-grabbers.

Here are some other examples of what instagram has deemed “#sockporn”.  Get your heads out of the gutter. We’re not talking about why 14 year old boys always have crusty socks.

Most of my socks come from H&M, but you can find plenty of sock companies online such as Happy Socks, Sock It To Me, and The Joy Of Socks.

Oh and one rule I want to stress to you: Don’t match your socks with your pants. Wanna know why? Leave a comment.


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