Necks & Balances: Your Favorite Accessory (you haven’t heard of yet)

Tell me if this has ever happened to you. You’re looking “flyer than a piece of paper bearing my name”. You’re out and about with friends toasting to the good life and cameras start flashing. No, not paparazzi (unless I have celeb followers…if so, reveal yourself!), I’m talking about those friends who can’t go to Bob’s Big Boy with their best bud in tow without snapping a pic of you guys throwing up some peace sign. They’re snapping shots left and right! You don’t mind at all because you’re dressed to the nines and all of your 328 Facebook friends need to be jealous of your fly. Fast forward. Those pics are up. You’re tagged. You meander on over to Buddy X’s page and check out the album. You’re feeling like you have a new profile pic in the works. All is right in the world…..until you take a close look. You can’t stand the photo now. Not because your pic got photo-bombed, it’s because your outfit was all out of wack. Your collar was popped. Your tie looked tucked into your inside pocket. Your blazer looked too big because you have no shirt cuff showing. Sad, I know.

Necks & Balances

There’s finally a solution to those sartorial mishaps. Introducing Necks & Balances. A Chicago based company owned by style conusltant, Jon Yeazel. Jon and his crew created the Gentleman’s Fashion Anchor, a product I believe to be the best hidden gem for the detail-oriented man. I’m thankful to one of my most stylish friends, Hakim for putting me on to this website.  Instead of typing your head off about how dope this is, I’ll show you in pics.

034Whip these bad boys out whenever you’re wearing anything with a stubborn collar. Jacket, shirt, polo. They’re small enough to carry around in your pocket so they can be applied whenever you see the need.

056What’s the point of having a shirt cuff if it’s going to be hidden every time you make a sudden move? I might as well throw on a short sleeve shirt and call it a day.

057Stick one of these bad boys on to the inside of your jacket sleeve. It’s a simple adhesive that won’t stain your clothes and they’re pretty easy to apply.

058Make sure the adhesive sticks to your shirt collar so that your desired length is showing. Voila!


061No matter how much I moved today, I still had a swanky amount of my cuffs showing.



032This will kill any smooth look. You’re not wearing your white buttoned down collar boy, but you want to toss your tie and rock the open collar look. But peep how that one collar wants to poke out like it’s got a “semi”. Enter Gentleman’s Fashion Anchor.

038037042See those three easy steps?

043Peep how the side I applied the Fashion Anchor to is not flailing in the wind. No matter how excited it gets, this collar will remain in “down, boy!” mode. And it’s virtually invisible!

There are many ways to use the fashion anchors. I just showed two examples. There are many ways to use these to your advantage. From head to leg. From collars to pant cuffs, these things will save a bunch of tugging and adjusting. Necks & Balances is truly a godsend. In a time where the tiniest of details is what will set you apart from the rest of the guys who have style, this Gentleman’s Fashion Anchor is your secret to success.  And the great thing about them, the cost is so low! For a pack of 48 fashion anchors, it’ll run you $15. That’s a lot better than using safety pins and running the risk of poking yourself.

Check out their website They have videos on how to maximize your usage of the fashion anchor, as well as testimonials. Get a pack, try them out, then come back here and tell me how you used them.



3 thoughts on “Necks & Balances: Your Favorite Accessory (you haven’t heard of yet)

    1. Mr. Wigglesworth (if that’s your real name), you can visit their website @ and place an order. I also have samples of the fashion anchor on me most times so if you see me in the streets, ask for one…or two.

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