Koalee Eyewear (and the women who love them)

Confession: No, it’s not about why I haven’t written a post in a while. It’s about my eyes. Yes, I enjoy the eyes God gave me and I see the benefits of having a pair that work perfectly fine. But there are times when my eyelids involuntarily drop a bit. This time is called always. People often mistake me for Dave Chappelle’s stunt double in Half Baked because they are so low. To avoid all the questions and accusations, you will often times see me in a pair of specs.

Lucky for me (and my accusers), there’s this brand out of NYC that goes by the name of KOALEE. They’re not just your average eyewear company. They concentrate on the entire package; from product quality to packaging. They know presentation is everything…something that we try to stress here at MSP. When I got ahold of these bad boys, I was immediately impressed. This lead to Men’s Style Point, Prototype Promotions, and Koalee partnering up for a campaign that appealed to the MSP followers (and the women who love them). This was a pretty dope experience. We let our powers combine and instead of Captain Planet ascending from a pile of campfire trash in Yellowstone, we came up with this smooth and sophisticated photo shoot.











Be sure to check out Koaleelife.com. They come in many assorted colors!

And I’d be remiss if I didn’t give a huge thank you to a couple of key players in this. My gorgeous model and friend, Shana (pictured). She made this shoot happen. I mean, she (and Koalee) made me worth looking at. ZZ (director), you have a gift! You were a wonderful surprise. And Carl (photographer) you’re well on your way, brother!


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