Trend Alert: Blazers and Tees ain’t just for Miami Vice

Disclaimer (I may not adhere to): I will only mention Crockett and Tubbs once in this post….

Think back to the year 1988. Can’t think back that far? Oh you were just a twinkle in your daddy’s eye? Well google it or let me paint a picture for you…. Pastel colored blazers as bright as the sign at the Colony Hotel Shoulder pads made even the smallest man look like a Dwight Howard body double. Under these jackets was a certain man. He usually had gold chains with a chest full of upper pube exposed by a shirt unbuttoned down to his sternum. If this guy wanted to go casual, he’d throw on an old tee with the suit and call it a day. To make matters worse, the tee would be cut so high that in some circles it was mistaken for a turtleneck. This made for a very dated look that makes Don Johnson embarrassed to Google himself.

Lucky for us, menswear trends come and go…and come back again. The blazer and tee is right at the top of the spring/summer looks right along with light cotton suits and boat shoes. This more refined take on an 80’s staple makes for a great casual look that also says you mean business. Head to your local watering hole with this look and you’ll put the frat boys and prepsters to shame.

Blazer, Tee, Pants- H&M  Nato Strap- J. Crew
Blazer, Tee, Pants- H&M Nato Strap- J. Crew

With this look, of course you want to follow rules of the almighty color palette but it also allows you freedom to do some experimenting to see what compliments your favorite shirts to wear.

Blazer- Zara, Tee- H&M, Pocket Square- Merona, Nato Strap- J. Crew, Pants, H&M
Blazer- Zara, Tee- H&M, Pocket Square- Merona, Nato Strap- J. Crew, Pants, H&M

I experimented with some patriotic colors here. This isn’t my favorite combination but it gives you an idea of what a crew neck tee would look like with a blazer.


This look has taken off with the NBA stars who have finally realized that they can hire awesome stylists who can help catapult them into trendsetters.

A beautiful Sunday afternoon bike ride to brunch is a perfect scene for this casual, yet polished look. I felt like I was in going for a ride in Amsterdam or Paris…some other place cooler than my hometown.

And without a change of clothes, I am fit for relaxing indoors and perusing through some classic vinyls. One thing you want to be aware of is fit (of course). You don’t want to be caught rocking an over-sized Hanes Beefy-T under a well-tailored blazer. Not only will it look like you forgot your button-up at home, but you’ll keep having to tuck the excess fabric back into your pants. Yes, I said tuck your Beefy-T in because that’s the only way it won’t look like your girl’s tunic on you.

Blazer- eBay, Henley- H&M
Blazer- eBay, Henley- H&M

A Henley is a perfect shirt to pair up with a blazer. It says you put effort into looking like you didn’t put effort into your look…but not in a pretentious way. It’s sprezzatura, baby!

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