Guest Post: Watches – It’s About TIME We Paid Them Some Attention by Holly Powell

A gentleman’s watch says a lot about him; jeans, shirts and shoes give you an idea of his style but what a guys watch looks like tells you how he spends his money and how flashy he is. The Wall Street Journal even went as far as to say “watches have become the new shorthand indicator of one’s status”. Think of it this way, someone driving a Bugatti makes a certain statement about themselves and watches have a similar tag attached to them.


What do people on Twitter have to say?

“I got an obsession with watches, really want this beauty”
“I don’t know why but I always find it attractive when guys wear watches”
“Spotting other guys watches and thinking….none are as sexy as mine”
I like looking at guys watches. Like I don’t want to wear them myself, I just want to admire its beauty”
“In a watch shop: There’s something sexy about guys’ watches. esp. the huge ones with many clock faces within”
“I love my dad’s watches is it acceptable to wear mens watches”
“My wrist just looks f***ing fabulous with men’s watches”
“Love my new watch so much that I’m considering going around town telling everyone the time”

Clearly watches are something to show off as you can see, there see there are a lot of fans out there on Twitter. I tried to find some negative tweets about watches and honestly, the worst I found in my brief scroll was about one that had broken. The beauty of watch shopping is that there really is a style to suit everyone and a price bracket. They can be worn with any outfit and are probably the most “manly” yet fashionable accessory available for guys.

So what is the best way to wear them?


First things first, find a watch that suits your everyday style, save the more outrageous designs for your second purchase. If you’re generally seen suited up in a Barney Stinson style, you’ll need something that is equally smart and finished looking, which is why stainless steel is often so popular. This material is neutral in colour, hard wearing and is unlikely to go out of fashion anytime soon.

When it comes to the fit of a watch you want it to feel secure, not too loose that it slides off and not too tight that it’s uncomfortable. It goes without saying, but a watch should sit on the outer side of your wrist, it doesn’t look great when you go to check the time and have to spin your wrist around in an awkward manner; it’s even worse if you’re still following the 90s trend of wearing a watch around your ankle. It’s certainly unprofessional to hop on the spot when trying to tell the time!

You don’t have to worry about trends too much when it comes to watches, long as you’re not still wearing a Baby G in sparkling pink, most watches are timeless in style and are designed to be worn with many different outfits, whether formal or casual.

As we mentioned before, you should probably have a standard, classic watch as a main purchase, but occasionally you might want to buy something more fashion forward. Watch trends for 2013 are brightly colourful and eye-catching, so don’t be afraid to pick your favourite colour and go with it. It will look fantastic on the beach or whilst out in the city, making a real style statement.

Of course one of the best ways to learn how to wear a trend is to mimic how your favourite celebrity styles their favourite watch.


In the picture above Italian footballer Leonardo Bonucci wears a classic 3H Italia watch with a large gold face and timeless brown leather strap. He proves that wearing a traditional style doesn’t mean you have to dress formally and neutrally. His colour pop purple cardigan and check scarf is right on trend for summer.



And of course there are always style lessons to be learned from the most powerful man in the world, America’s president Obama. He teams a classic watch with a sharply tailored suit, where a simple but beautifully designed watch just peeks from under his cuffs, capturing your attention.

“This article was contributed by Holly Powell (@HollyNPowell) from Manchester, a keen traveler and men’s fashion writer. She’s written multiple posts on Holly also works for 3H Italia which provides her with an inside perspective of the watch game. She gives a wonderful and different outlook on style posts.


2 thoughts on “Guest Post: Watches – It’s About TIME We Paid Them Some Attention by Holly Powell

  1. Haha, Watches have definitely become a STATUS symbol! I myself was just looking at a TAG HEUER for daily wear..although its on the expensive side Its still worth the investment in my opinion. 🙂

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