Perfect Timing (GQ + Nautica giveaway)

Confucius said “Time flows away like the water in the river”. I don’t know what that means but it sounds profound and fitting for all this greatness that you’re about to read.


Since 1983 (the beginning of time…duh), my infant mind realized that there’s two things present in life that are essential to our growth as humans; time and water. And since said year, Nautica has taken inspiration from those two elements and have masterfully constructed timepieces that would make even Captain Nemo check his wrist three times a minute. When the wonderful folks at GQ reached out about doing a post on Nautica’s beautiful watch lineup, I jumped at the chance to give my two cents about them because I’ve been impressed with Nautica’s lineup ever since I started wearing watches that didn’t come with a four piece chicken nugget and fries (sorry, no #tbt pics provided).


Now if you’ve seen me around or paid attention to any of my post, you’ve noticed that I have a watch on my wrist in every photograph. It’s a staple in my repertoire and I encourage all men to make watches a part of their everyday wardrobe. Yeah, yeah, I know what you’re saying “but my smart phone is so advanced that a lady inside of it tells me the time when I ask her”. But the point of a watch is to get ladies to ask YOU for the time. These Nautica watches do just that.


I don’t want to give you a 101 on Nautica the brand because you should know about them by now. If not, the rock you live under must be comfortable. But I will tell you that you don’t need to know the difference between starboard and port to rock this “wristporn”. They’ve taken inspiration from the seven seas and blessed us with looks that move seamlessly from the archboard to the boardroom…or any other board you can think of (Do not place waterboard joke here).


Now on to the fun part! We’ve managed to get our hands on a brand spanking new Nautica watch (not pictured yet) and we want it out of our hands and onto one lucky reader’s wrist!
We want MSP reader feedback. This is a wonderful chance to join in on the conversation and enter our contest to win this beautiful Nautica watch. I’m looking at it now and reconsidering keeping it for myself….it’s that wavy!

Here’s how to enter:
1. Like Men’s Style Point‘s facebook page.
2. Follow Nautica and GQ on Instagram and Twitter. Like Nautica and GQ’s pages on Facebook.
3. Tell us what your favorite nautical trends are and what your favorite water destinations are hashtagging #CelebrateGQNautica and @Nautica on your twitter, facebook, instagram, and/or tumblr. The more the merrier.
4. Get your friends involved in the conversation.

Stay plugged in to Men’s Style Point this week for more updates on the giveaway and more dope posts!


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