PITTI UOMO. Yeah, You Probably Pronounced It Right

Have you ever been searching the famed #menswear hashtag on your Instagram, Twitter, or Tumblr and happened upon a couple of pictures of some sprezzed out guys hanging out smoking cigarettes and kickin it on a pebbled wall? Well if you thought that it was some random convening of the sharpest dressed gentlemen in the world waiting around for popular photographers to take pictures of them, you’re half right. The main reason they’re out there in suits reserved for boulevardiers roaming Paris, Milan, and New York is Pitti Uomo.
Pitti Uomo is the most sought-after menswear trade show in the world. Taking place twice a year-winter and summer- companies from across the globe gather in Florence, Italy to show off their collections for the upcoming seasons (two seasons ahead) in hopes of buyers digging their duds enough to place orders and getting those goods into the store and eventually into our closets.


I won’t talk your head off about how awesome Pitti Uomo is to menswear enthusiasts from every part of the globe because I have not had the pleasure of attending yet. When I make that trip to Florence, with my camera and bespoke suits in tow, that’s when I’ll wax poetic about how wavy Pitti actually is. Until then, enjoy some of my favorite pics from Pitti 85.












What’s your favorite look? Is there one so wavy that isn’t shown here but you’ve seen floating around the net? let me know!


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