Get Him A Real Valentine’s Day Gift This Year

Ladies, this one is for you. *cue 90’s R&B beat*
Men, it’s okay. You can keep reading.

February 14th. We think of this day as an occasion to show how much we love our Venus inhabitants by purchasing teddy bears that will soon take our space on the bed and flowers that won’t make it past black history month’s end (seriously, we need more days in February). If that’s what you women want, that’s what you get…and whatever else we conjure up in our heads. There’s a lot of pressure to perform on this day and luckily the entire greeting card industry and Max Brenner won’t let us fail so easily.

But what about the other side of this gift exchange? What do men want? Do we want a heart-shaped anything? Do we need to go to dinner at a restaurant filled with boring couples who are out with one another with nothing to talk about except how good the coq au vin is? Sure some may want that and that’s acceptable. But hey, why be average? Get your man something that’ll make him feel even better about springing for the WOW suite at The W. Here’s a list of suggestions that men (with taste) of any age can appreciate.

*Click on the pictures for more info on the item*

Bullet Cufflinks
Bullet Cufflinks

Keep that dress shirt fun with these cufflinks. Like a necktie, it’s easy to go corny with some kind of ironic cufflinks when you’re trying to spice up your outfit. These bullets could easily fly under the radar, but when noticed they may just be the coolest conversation piece of the night.

Bond no. 9
Bond no. 9

You may have a favorite scent, but this line…..I’m not getting paid to go into detail about how awesome Bond No. 9 is so I’ll just let you click the pic and do your research. I’ll just say I made the switch and I get the equivalent to a double take….but with her nostrils. It’s a pretty penny but well worth it. They also have plenty of scents. Find yours. Make him wear it. We only smell good to impress you all anyway. Don’t forget to thank me at your baby shower toast.

Madison Avenue Whiskey Glasses
Madison Avenue Whiskey Glasses

If he’s a Whiskey Boy like me, he doesn’t want to drink the “water of life” (thanks, Dorian) in just any old glass. Spring for these vintage designed whiskey glasses. He may not work at Sterling Cooper, but he’ll feel Draper-esque when sipping his 18 yr old Glenlivet.

Sickest Decanter you'll find
Sickest Decanter you’ll find

And if he’s gonna drink the finest whiskeys, or look like he does, you might as well spring for a decanter that’s suited for royalty. You could put watered down Coke in here and everyone would be afraid to drink it because it looks so untouchable. (Guys, if you don’t have a young lady to get this one for you, buy it for yourself and invite friends over. You got her now.) You’re welcome.

Massage time
Massage time

Yeah, we all know about that massage your honey gives you after a long day or that back and bicep day at the gym. Those are all well and good for whatever else you all have planned. But every now and then we need that professional massage that makes you go cross-eyed and have you feeling like wet farfalle. Valentine’s day is a perfect time to get that his and hers deal.

Or this...
Or this…

Get waxed. As a matter of fact, take this one off the gift list. Go do that yourself! You should be ashamed of yourself if you still ain’t manscaping! Get over it and trim something!
Tiffany's Business Card Case
Tiffany’s Business Card Case

Tiffany & Co. ain’t just for you these days, ladies. He’s a man about business. “Networking” is a hobby of his. If he pulls out a rubber band stack of business cards, he doesn’t deserve vacation time or even an invite to the 401k meeting. If he whips this out at his next power lunch, sealing the deal will be that much easier. Just make sure those business cards look worthy enough to be placed in such opulent “holdage”.

Scandal fans rejoice!
Scandal fans rejoice!

If he’s not one for monogrammed cuffs and collars but you wants to personalize his shirts, these metal collar stays do the trick! The great thing about metal collar stays is that they keep that shirt looking crisp and sharp. Toss those plastic stays and cop a few of these. Get some with your initials, the day you met your love, or even an inside joke your share with you lover. And they don’t cost much!

Whiskey Stones
Whiskey Stones

So remember that whiskey that you put in that ridiculously cool decanter for him? Well when you pour that whiskey into those mean glasses you purchased a few pics back, you’ll want that whiskey to stay chilled. Whiskey stones are the perfect way to keep your drink cold without ice watering down that pour. Plus, they make your drink look a lot cooler.

Ladies, you have a week. to shop. Fellas, you have a weekend to drop hints. If you have any awesome gift ideas that you want to share, please leave a comment. It’ll help some poor woman out of the doghouse….wait. Do they even have those for the ladies?


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