Essential Style: The Denim Jacket

Okay. So you may have snow on the ground outside your house right now, or it may just be cold enough to euthanize Old Man Winter, but guess what…Spring IS upon us! With the most anticipated of the four seasons approaching -more in date than in temperature- we need to visit a rule that may save a life or two. Too dramatic? Sure. But I’m talking about dressing for the weather. Many people are so anxious to ditch those peacoats and leather gloves for bright colors and lighter fabrics. I get it. We’ve paid our dues to Mother Nature and now it’s time to shed layers like that freaky looking scene from The Wiz. But let’s not forget that the hawk still has a tendency to be out or lurking in the second quarter of the year. I combat these months with a denim jacket.


The denim jacket is probably the best purchase I’ve made in the past few months. It’s universal. You can dress it up or down. This post is about dressing it up. If you’re headed to the office, the denim jacket can get you out of that wool coat and into something that gives you a new look that’ll give off the impression that you know what you’re doing with this fashion thing…And keep your warm.


Denim jackets will work well with most office outfits. Gray pants. Khaki chinos. Black or navy slacks. It’s all doable. And this look gives new life to your collared shirts and ties. The tie I’m rocking is a Read Wall tie I’ve thrown on with a suit for serious business meetings. With the denim jacket on, I don’t have to ditch the tie to get that casual look that works well during happy hour.


Two things you want to remember before purchasing a denim jacket, fit and fit. Same thing? Yes. It’s that important. Because the denim jacket is cut short at the waist, it’s a little trickier to get right. When you first put one on, you may feel like you want to tug at the bottom of the it because most of the jackets and coats end and at least below your zipper area. This is how it’s supposed to fit. You also don’t want to buy one that’s cut too high. It should land directly past your belt line. The sleeves will be longer so don’t worry about looking like you’ve been borrowing your girlfriend’s clothes again. Of course you don’t want any billowing from your jacket. It’s should fit nicely without being too snug. You should be able to put on a nice cashmere sweater under it, but not enough room to rock a blazer and knitted sweater combo underneath.


When I heard that I had been selected to be featured in Washington Life’s Men of Substance & Style feature, I immediately sprung for my denim for the shoot. It set me apart from the rest of the awesome guys who were selected for the feature. It’ll do the same for you whether you’re in a magazine or standing in line at the food trucks near the office. Was that a shameless plug or just proof? A little from column A, a little from column B. But yeah, make sure you read the interview and if you’re in DC, pick up a copy at Barnes & Noble today!


I recommend this Abercrombie jacket. Not much tailoring needed. The hue is right. The logo isn’t embroidered all over the back like you’re a getting paid to advertise for those clowns. Shop around. There’s a jacket out there waiting for you. Choose wisely. Send pics. Live long.

Peace to my boy Jordan for the impromptu photography job!


4 thoughts on “Essential Style: The Denim Jacket

  1. Undoubtedly, a denim jacket goes with everything. I just love wearing a denim jacket. Last time I ordered it from Pyrmd, and it’s very nice. They have fabulous designs and range. You can also go for brands and different colours. I got a dark faded blue shade for me.

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