Spring’s NEED To Cop list is here!!!!

It’s spring. No, seriously. I checked the forecast at least twice before I made that bold statement. So here is Men’s Style Point’s “need to cop” list that will be sure to keep heads turning. Let us begin. (Click on the pics and highlighted words for links)

1. Brown Tassel Loafers springtassel These should be on every essentials list. I chose these particular loafers for one reason. The brown sole. That contrast is simply beautiful. With a suit. With jeans. With socks. Without socks. Antonio Maurizi (for SuitSupply), you’ve done us well.

2. Colored Chinos springralphlauren-colourfulchinos-720x349
You’ve sat around in your navy, gray, and brown trousers all winter. Your calves are bored. Greet the sunny days with a pair of colored chinos to let the streets know you’re sartorially savvy. Try to stay on the more pale side of the colorway, especially if this is your first pair of colored chinos. You don’t want to scare yourself away from exploring different hues.

3. TALLIA Orange Double Breasted Blazerspringtalliablazer
For those who have their foot on the pulse of the #menswear game, the double breasted suit made its comeback a few years ago. For those who want the double breasted look without the entire suit, you’re in luck. Brands have noticed that the double breasted suit isn’t going anywhere any time soon and guys want to have more fun with them. This DB blazer from our friends at Tallia is perfect. It’s lightweight, the right color, button stance is nice, and the modern cut makes it a must-have for the season.

4. NATO Straps springNATO-Watch-Straps
Have you ever kept a leather band watch on all day and night in hot weather? Remember how it felt like that band became a part of your skin? This is a serious matter. I’ll WebMD the side effects of leather/skin integration. While I do that, you need to be searching for some NATO straps to enhance your new spring duds. These watch straps can be found anywhere on the web. They’re cheap and the look great with most watch faces. It’s the item that will subtly tell the room that you’ve got this spring on lock!

5. A New Flaskspringiflask-5440 I’m usually not into gimmicky products. This one, however, is something I can get behind. Need I explain why? Fly under the radar. Free nights and weekends. Win.

6. Reversible Shorts springtailorvintage I’m not one to carry a lot of shorts in my repertoire. So when Tailor Vintage came across my desk, I immediately scheduled one more leg day a week. The shorts just make sense. There are times when you want your legs to make a bunch of noise…perhaps on your buddy’s yacht (extend an invite, stingy) or at your local horse race and you want to make a statement. But then there are times when you want another piece of clothing to stand out. Pull out that same pair, just flip them. Tailor Vintage wasn’t afraid of taking something that is seemingly corny and making it a must-have. They’re done right. No one can tell they’re reversible and the quality is just amazing. More from TAILOR VINTAGE to come….

7. Distressed Jeans springjeans A couple of quick tips before you go down this road. 1) Fit is paramount. You don’t want them looking like you’ve been sifting through John Henry’s closet. At the same time, you don’t want to look like that guy you hate. You know, the one who has chains hanging from random places on his outfit and that N’Sync vest covering up that graphic tee. Go with a slim straight cut. 2) You want a pair that looks “lived in”. Nothing ironic. The more authentic the better. If they have any embroidery on them, take them out back and shoot them. Whiskers in the right places and rips here and there do the trick. Dress them up or down.

8. A Dope Spring Jacketspringarcteryxveilanc_actuatorjacket_coal I was having trouble finding a good spring jacket that will be great for the finicky weather of the season. I needed one that was understated that would stand the test of times in fashion and durability. Good thing there’s Denim Bar. Those guys will lace you from head to toe. The second I walked into their brick and mortar I was attracted to this jacket like Toucan Sam to cereal laden with sugar. Rain, fog, cold, sunshine, this is your jacket. Head on over to Denim Bar’s website. Use the promocode “spring20” and tell them Men’s Style Point sent you!

9. Chicago Candle Co. springWhiskeyGing
So as I’m in Denim Bar, I stumble across some cool looking candles. Now I’m not the one to stop and sniff scented candles everywhere but this is a store that carries predominately menswear so I figured these candles were catered to our noses. I take a whiff and I’m reminded of something very familiar…my favorite alcoholic beverage…an old fashioned! This company is truly a godsend. It’s springtime. You’ll be meeting new people at all the bars and parties you’ll be attending. You may bring company home. You WILL be judged by the smell of your place. Why not have it smell as manly as your palate suggests you are? They even have peppermint martini scented for those who may have a taste for the lighter smells. Swing past Denim Bar or visit Chicago Candle Co. to match what’s in that iFlask.

10. Lightweight Ties (GQ Style Bible Approved)lightweight ties
I’m not a fan of traditional silk ties. They bore me. Winter is over so you can tuck away the wool and tweed ties. What options do I have left? Linens and lightweight cottons! Let that neck breathe! The textures on these ties give more life to your outfit than the color does. You’re office appropriate without having to compromise style or comfort. Glendon Lambert and Topman have great lightweight ties for you. I said it. GQ said it. Gospel.

11. Striped Sweaterspringsweater
You have a right to bear arms. You have a right to cover them up. That’s one of the beautiful things about spring. Pick up a striped sweater for those days you don’t want to uphold the 2nd amendment (that’s what it really means) you should go with a nice striped sweater. Sure we can go with your plain cashmere sweater but let’s turn it up a notch. This striped sweater from H&M gives a bit more life to your body. Plus, horizontal striped make you look bigger so if you’re an ectopmorph like me, you can use a little illusion to broaden the space you take up. Pair this with a blazer, with or without a button up.

12. Pin Dot Short Sleeved Shirtsprinpindot Thanks, Spence! Show your guns in style. While your counterparts are still looking for camo short sleeved shirts, you’re on to the next one…which is pin dot. Welcome polka dot’s cooler, more subtle baby brother to your closet. He’s the opposite of a Monet. He looks plain from afar, but once you get up close, he’s a beauty! These minor details will become more apparent in the sunlight so go outside, ya hermit!

13. Musclesspringmuscles Work in progress.

* Gucci Paisley Loafers springgucci Now these come with an asterisk for obvious reasons. They’re MSP approved, but not for everybody. This kinda shoe is strictly reserved for the bosses. If you think you can pull these off, we’d love to see a pic of how you put it all together. Proceed with caution.

Anything you feel should be on this list? Leave a comment! We’d love to hear from you!


5 thoughts on “Spring’s NEED To Cop list is here!!!!

  1. I definitely had it on my list to get the GUCCI Horsebit Paisley loafer. This is a great list with a lot of spring essentials (chinos, brown loafers with tassels, and distressed jeans). I’m a f/w guy but I plan to try and embrace spring this year. One of the things I’d like to try is a suit with sneakers (and no socks). It’s definitely out there but it’s time to face change with a smile. After all, style is nothing if it doesn’t evolve and change as you do! Great post!

    1. Thanks, kind sir! I’m in the hunt for that perfect suit/sneaker combo. I gotta put it out there on my blog…..keep doing what you’re doing, brother. You’re an inspiration to those near and far.

  2. I have that Tallia Double breasted blazer!! After seeing it on your list of recommendations I know I made a good choice. I wore it yesterday and received compliments everywhere I went!

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