Shoe Review: The J.L. ROCHA 101BR Barroco Oxford (Special Edition)

Men’s footwear is on the rise. No longer are we subjected to wearing just black cap toes and brown wingtips. Thanks to this thing we call the World Wide Web, we’ve seen shoe companies emerge from out of nowhere and rise to the top of the sartorial ranks. One company that is new on the radar (but not new to the business of cobbling) is J.L. ROCHA. For 100 years now, the J.L. Rocha family has been producing fine leather goods, from jackets to shoes and accessories.
Today’s post is about their shoes. One in particular. The 101BR BARROCO OXFORD. When Jose Luis Rocha (3rd generation) reached out regarding a reviewing pair of their LIMITED EDITION HAND-CRAFTED shoes, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on them. Now that I have my hands on them and my feet in them, it’s time for the pros and cons.


1. Did you read the part where I said they’re handcrafted? Not only crafted, but hand-carved. The time it took to carve out the details in this shoe is apparent at first glance.
2. The shoes are 100% calfskin leather which gives them a great amount of flexibility and durability.
3. They come in an engraved wooden box, along with a sick dust bag and JL Rocha shoe horn.
4. Free shipping! They were shipped from Mexico…to Washington, DC in no time.
5. The pricing is phenomenal. This limited edition hand-carved beauty is priced just under $400. At a price like this these babies will sell faster than Cinnabons at a fat camp. I’ve seen shoes of this quality go for $800 and up so this is a steal!
6. You’ll pass the “exclusivity test” every time you wear them. What’s that you ask? Look at your feet. Have you been somewhere and seen a guy with those exact shoes on? Most likely. You failed the test. This shoe is guaranteed to get heads turning and question flowing.
7. They fit great! I’m normally a size 10 in dress shoes but I opted for the 9.5 and they fit perfectly.
8. Though they are based in Mexico, the art of cobbling they practice has huge Italian and Spanish influence.


1. Because of the busy-ness of the shoe, I would want to wear them when everything else I have on is muted. Plain suit, no crazy tie (or no tie), white shirt. Let these shoes be the only thing making noise or else you’ll look like a peacock. Wearing them to evening events would be prime. They’ll go unnoticed at first, but when they are noticed, you’ll make a splash wherever you are!


1. Because of their uniqueness, you wouldn’t want to wear these every time you dress up. This isn’t necessarily a negative. It’s more of a warning for the guy who might want to wear these to the office throughout the week. Save these for a special event.
2. Because I’ve broken several bones in my feet throughout the years, this is a shoe I’d have to wear inserts in. Normal feet may be different. Buy them and let me know.
3. The only brick & mortar is in San Diego, CA. Great for the southwest, bad for us east coasters. Good thing they’re online shopping experience is simple and easy.
4. You’re just now hearing about them.

JL Rocha

So there you have it. The J.L. Rocha 101BR Barroco. Be sure to check out their website at and sift through an array of handmade shoes (remember the loafers from the spring must-cop list? They got ’em). And follow them on Instagram and Facebook for constant updates…like the sale that’s going on now!!!

Thanks Jackie!


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