STYLE POINT– 1. Reach the personal pinnacle of your own style through timeless tips that have been passed down for generations. 2. Gain pointers so you can show the world your best side.

Men’s Style Point is a website dedicated to offering style tips to men of all walks of life.

Meet Kevin Gray. Born and raised in the Washington, DC area, a place known for its conservative take on men’s style and fashion. Relying on the timeless rules his father passed down to him from his grandfather, and the flair and flash the women in his family instilled in him, Kevin has gained a wealth of knowledge concerning men’s style that can’t go unwritten.

Kevin is known to bring a certain pop to his wardrobe through the minor details that set him apart from someone who would seem to have on the same outfit. If you asked him how, he would say “it’s all in the details.”. He also lives by the saying “you don’t have to make more money than you do to look better than you do.”. Kevin was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth, but when he walks into a room, judging by his appearance, you would question if that were a lie. This blog is designed to show you how to do the same without breaking the bank.

Men’s Style Point is your go-to blog for style tips, grooming advice, and pointers on everyday etiquette.


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