Before we get to size alterations of your blazers, pants, and shirts, we must do a style alteration. This page is dedicated to featuring followers who have made the necessary style alterations and are well on their way to finding their own style points.

Meet Joe S.

Joe is one of our loyal followers who’s made the come up from dressing up to dressing well. After a couple of email consultations, Joe managed to surprise us with some before and after shots.

Before shot. Now let’s not get it twisted…dressing down like this is perfectly fine and doable. Nothing is sagging. The shirt fits and it’s not one of those doofy ironic tees that would have women writing you off the moment you step in the room. Reppin Army and rockin some sick J’s. Not bad. But let’s see how Joe cleans it up….


Now I have to say that I was truly impressed with this piece. Taking the casual look to another level. The before shot is that daytime casual that will be fine for kickin around with your boys or volunteering at your local boys and girls club. But if you’re planning to take a lady out, or get hit on by one, you’d definitely want to switch it up like Joe did here. The blazer and dark denim is a beautiful contrast. And I’m glad he sprung for the chocolate shoes. They go over a lot better than a black oxford. For some reason, black shoes just scream “corporate”. This brown says he doesn’t take himself too seriously but he knows what he’s doing in life (deep, I know). And I love the cranberry tie. Oh, and the ticket pocket on the blazer, I swear I didn’t see that coming! Now, if only every blazer came with a bottle of Moet….this man has taste!
And btw, Joe is tall enough to be a shooting guard in the NBA so if he can find duds that fit this well, so can you!


Meet Colin:

Colin is a professional bodybuilder. “Fashionable” and “bodybuilder” are two words that are never really used in the same sentence. My man Colin cares not what the norm is. He’s determined to show the world that he can take your girl with his shirt off AND on (don’t worry, no shirtless pics of my homie will make this page).

Colin is a world traveler. This is how he would sail the seven seas. Very basic.
Big guys tend to keep it basic because it’s either hard to find clothes that fit their build or it’s because the fashion industry caters more to the Fonzworth Bentley’s of the world, not the Apollo Creed types who scare children with that extra neck muscle thing going on.

After a phone consultation, we went through his closet (via texts and pics) and purged it of what wasn’t needed. Next, we let him know what items he should keep and how to match them with new and old items. Once that was done, we suggested new items that were stylish and versatile that should be purchased. Here are a few examples:

Colin did a great job layering this Henley style sweater. The red is a great attention grabber and the fit is great.
I’m especially jealous of this jacket. He did well with this look. The jacket is a perfect layer. Pair this look with some dark denim and Clarks chukka boots and you’re untouchable.

Here’s a treat that I wasn’t expecting. Colin pulled out this corduroy boy. It is beautifully constructed and the color is great…however. It fit like he went into Pops’ closet and was playing grown up. (Don’t front like you didn’t do that after Saturday morning cartoons went off.)

Two Colins could fit in there at once. We referred him to a local tailor who made sure this piece was fit for one.
We wanted to leave a bit more room in this jacket for layering…and extra muscles he’s sure to acquire along the way. The scarf takes this fall/winter look to the top. I’m about to go search for a jacket like this.

2 thoughts on ““Alterations”

  1. Kev! You’re the real deal my dude. Like you said, I generally kept it really basic mainly because of my size. Luckily, I do have pieces with potential in the closet because I have aspired to step my game up in the past. However, every time I tried to do it on my own I just couldn’t get comfortable in it. When I see you, you’re always stupid fresh and I was like maybe I just need to slim this bulk down to a cool 120lbs so I can partake! (I realize you’re slightly heavier than that) But in any event, you have this style game on lock. I laid my eyes on your work on this site and knew you were the dude that would get me right! I spent this past weekend in Paris- clearly one of the fashion capitols of the world. You suited me up literally from head to toe for my journey and I felt ultra clean even in Paris thanks to you my dude. I’ll definitely be a longtime customer! Bless you, my mans!

  2. Don’t sell Kevin short! He’s at least 135! All jokes aside, not many guys have the “fashion” build like Kevin does, so its good to see you highlighting dudes of other builds (though I’d imagine that even fewer people are built like Colin).

    Getting jackets can be a pain in the ass for a bigger guy… Its a more than a little frustrating to drop good money for a well made jacket (~300) when you know you’re gonna have to spend more money to make it fit right… I only wear a 42 and pretty much ever OTR jacket that I’ve bought has needed to be brought in.

    Anywho, keep up the good work Kevin

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